Auto Shutdown Windows 10 [Deprecated]

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Task Scheduler is a built-in app that comes with the Windows 10 OS and you can make the best of it for scheduling different tasks. Here's how to use it to schedule an auto shutdown on your PC.

Step 1: Type in Task Scheduler in the search bar of your Windows 10 computer and tap Task Scheduler.

Step 2: Under the Actions section, click Create Basic Task.

Step 3: Give the task a name, a description (optional), and click Next. For this tutorial, we'd be naming the task — Auto-Shutdown at 12AM.

Step 4: Choose how often you want the task to be carried out and click Next. That is, how often you want to auto shutdown your PC. It could be Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc. It could be a one-time task.

Step 5: The next step is to select a start date and the time you want your PC to shut down automatically.

Step 6: On the new window, select Start a program and tap the Next button.

Step 7: The next thing to do is to select the program that triggers your PC to shutdown. Click the Browse button.

Step 8: Navigate to the button of the page, select the shutdown application, and click Open.

Step 9: Type in -s into the Add arguments (optional) box and click Next.

Step 10: Preview the auto shutdown task on the new window and click Finish.

After that, your computer will shutdown automatically at the specific time you set in the Task Scheduler. If it is Daily in Step 4 (above), then your computer will auto shutdown every day at the set time.

Creation date: 3/3/2020 2:38 PM      Updated: 1/17/2024 2:53 PM