Remote Phones/Softphones EGW RCAPS

The EGW is ready to use. Here are instructions for using phones from home:

Enable Remote Phone Authentication for user (Users-Telephony)
Plug data cable from switch or router into Data In port on PoE adapter
Plug phone into Data Out on PoE adapter
Press mute button (2nd from bottom on left) and 73887# (spells SETUP)
Enter admin password, 1234#
Scroll down to VPN and press Open
Toggle 'Use VPN' setting to On (toggle is 1st softkey from left)
Arrow down to VPN gateway
Enter  (use the * for periods)
Press 'Back' softkey when finished, than 'Apply' softkey
Phone will reboot, press 'Assign' softkey and enter extension and voicemail password followed by #

For remote Connect client access, use as server address. 

Users can also use the EGW for client access only or client access with softphone. If using softphone, all you need to enable is Softphone for the user (does not require Remote Phone Authentication license).
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