Associate or Reassociate Door Card for PaperCut - Copier Access

1. Scan your door key card at the copier

2. It will say "Your card is not known to the system. Please press Yes to associate your card with an account?", press Yes.

3. It will ask for your username - this is the username you use to unlock your computer (active directory). Usernames are first initial and last name - no email address added, press Enter on the top right.


Jerry Jacobs


4. Enter your password - again not your Gmail but your computer login password, press Enter on the top right. 

5. You should get a "Successfully associated card with the account." Press Yes to continue.

6. Give it a test. 

**If you fail the association a few times submit a technology ticket. We will be able to pull up your card number from the failed attempts and do the association for you. 
Creation date: 3/21/2023 10:49 AM      Updated: 3/21/2023 10:49 AM