Surface Tablet Wireless Casting Fix

***First try forcing the device to update after at least one attempt to connect to the wireless device.  This will cause it to find the latest drivers for it and will usually fix the issue.***

This fixes the issue where Surface Tablets are unable to complete the connection to wireless HDMI devices.  This fix takes 3-5 minutes, unless it's significantly behind on updates.

1. Install "Surface Diagnostic Toolkit" from Company Portal.

2. Run Diagnostic Toolkit. This step prompts for admin credentials.

3. Click "Continue".

4. It'll now check for updates.  This is where the real fix should apply.  It'll say something about the Update Service not running properly.  Follow the prompts to correct this issue.

5. Click "Fix" when it asks about system repair.  This is the next part of the fix.

6. Click "Continue".

7. When you get to testing other misc. aspects of the system like the batteries, keyboards, and touchscreen, click "Skip All".

8. The issue should now be fixed.  The results page may say that there were issues fixed, some issues remaining, or didn't find any problems.  This statement shouldn't matter; the issue should be fixed now.

Creation date: 9/26/2023 12:25 PM      Updated: 1/17/2024 3:00 PM
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