5 Fine 5 Second Chromebook Fixes

1. “My Chromebook won’t turn on!”  Have you tried turning it off and on again?  Hold down “Refresh” and tap “Power” to force a restart.  If it doesn’t turn on in 5 seconds, try it again but hold them both down for 5 seconds.

2. “My Chromebook won’t charge!”  Try plugging it into another charger and/or another outlet (for USB-C chargers, try another USB-C port on the Chromebook).  If the light near the charging port lights up, it’s charging.  If the light isn’t coming on, try restarting it (fix #1).

3. “It’s not installing this app/It’s not downloading this file/NWEA won’t load!”  Have you tried turning it off and on again (fix #1)?  If that doesn’t work, the storage is likely full.  Ask your teacher about remotely clearing up the space.  (Teachers: just submit a ticket that says “Reset CB ####” [if no asset tag is visible, use last 4 of S/N on under side])

4. “It’s asking for my old password, but I don’t remember it!”  Click on “Forgot your old password?” and then “Proceed Anyway”.  If the process gets hung up, try turning it off and on again, then ask your teacher about fix #3.

5. “My Chromebook charged all night, but it still says 1%!”  Plug the Chromebook in and start it up.  Once it’s at the login screen, unplug it.  If it immediately shuts off like flipping a switch, the battery may be dead.  But if there is any hang time at all, even half a second, where the Chromebook stays on, the battery is fine.  The charger probably just didn’t sit in the socket quite right, so it didn’t charge.

Creation date: 10/31/2023 10:55 AM      Updated: 10/31/2023 10:55 AM