Google Drive Sync

1. Navigate to the chevron in the bottom right of your screen 

2. Click the Google Drive icon 

3. Open settings (Top right of the screen)

4. Select preferences 

5. You can now backup selected folders to drive

6. Click on "Add folder" and select the folder you would like to send to the cloud 

7. After selecting the folder, it will provide you with the options to "Sync with Google Drive", or "Back up to Google Photos" 

Sync with Google Drive will make it to where everything will be uploaded, and if you edit/ remove those files, then it will do the same thing to the file in the cloud

Back up to Google Photos will only upload photos and videos, but won't copy changes to the cloud

You can also choose whether or not you would like to "stream files" or "mirror files" 


Streaming files will put all of your Drive files in the cloud only

This means the folders are virtual, and only selected folders can be accessed when you are offline

The benefit is less space taken up on your computer


Mirroring will put all of your Drive files in the cloud AND on your computer

This puts the files in folders stored directly in the computer

The benefit is all of your files can be accessed when you are offline 

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